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    We believe that every child deserves to be given the opportunity to a quality learning experience. IYSC provides a quality soccer program to children with little to no soccer experience in an environment that encourages positive reinforcement and builds character. As players continue to improve, they grow both in skill and discipline.
    From the basics of soccer to giving our best in the game, IYSC is composed by the Academy program and the Travel team divisions. _______________________________________________________________________________ Academy: Perfect for soccer beginners with little to no soccer experience. Your child will learn throughout a 6 week program the basics of the sport, rules, positions, ball control and motor skills; all placed in actual game situations to condition and develop skill. Sessions consist of 1 hour training & games once to twice per week. _______________________________________________________________________________ Travel: The travel soccer program is organized by age and gender. It provides a highly competitive training and playing environment for those players (and their families) who have the required athletic ability, soccer skills, commitment, and can meet the other demands placed upon them. Training consists of a 1 hour and a half sessions twice a week all year round: including play in the fall and spring, indoor play in the winter and tournament play at various times throughout the summer.
    IYSC travel teams are competitive. Therefore, making the roster and staying on the roster must be earned based on the team member’s play. In recreational soccer, all players are placed on a team roster regardless of playing ability. Recreational soccer also has unique requirements to encourage participation by all players such as all players must play 1/2 of each game. Travel soccer playing time is based on the team’s needs and is at the coach’s discretion.
    Locations for league games are generally within the O'Hare area towards the surrounding suburbs. Each game's time and location is predetermined before each season, subject to change at any time. At times, you may find that a game will be played in a close-by community or one that requires a 2 hour car drive.
    Safety is always first. Be it at soccer practice, a game or event IYSC is participating in, It is important that parents observe their children. Parents should not drop off and leave without the coaches being there and participants have all been accounted for. Please make sure every child has been picked up once practice has ended, in a timely fashion.
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